Fight off the ZOMBIE Army!

Join us at the Bing Field to help us fight off the ZOMBIE Army!

 Every Friday & Saturday 

 In October 

 7pm – 11pm 

Tales from the Bing Field

Come experience the horror of our terrifying Halloween attractions.

The Carnivorous Caravan – A twist on the traditional hayride, as you will be loaded onto a trailer equipped with mounted paintball guns. Every rider’s gun will be loaded with 100 paintballs. As your caravan wines through our haunted Frontier Field, you will need to use your paintballs to fight off the ZOMBIES attempting to ambush you. Luckily the zombies with be unarmed, so no fear of them returning fire.

The Terrifying Trail Walk – Next, your caravan will disembark deep in the haunted woods. You will need to stick close to your guide as he leads you through the Jungle of Doom. Only the bravest souls will make it out alive!

The Scary Shooting Range – Test your skills at our shooting range overlooking the haunted Indian Creek, where souls of past Indian warriors are looking for tresspassers’.

The Devilish Delights – Our MANY Halloween attractions: Fortune tellers, tarot card readers, and Halloween themed games and treats!

zombie hunting