Dark Harvest IV – Airsoft Big Game

Airsoft Operation – Dark Harvest IV

Sunday October 27th, 2013

9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Story Line: America’s long battle with the Dark Harvest army is now entering its fourth year. During the great campaign that reined through the third year, the American forces were able to overrun and destroy the virus factory concealed in the mutant stronghold. The mutant army is stronger than ever, and they managed to spirit away numerous containers full of their new more refined virus as their stronghold was under siege. The Americans will need to regroup and return to the battlefield with a vengeance if they are hoping to once again regain the upper hand.

Registration Fee – $25.00

The first 150 players to pre-register will receive a FREE Operation Dark Harvest IV Patch and will also be entered into our Raffle. This raffle will be held during the event and you must be present to win. Over $1,000 in prizes to be given out.  Players may sign up the day of the event, but if you want to get your free patch and to be entered into the drawing you will need to pre-register before the day of the event.

Dark Harvest IV

Pre-register Online:

Players may also pre-register at the BingShop in Edwardsville, at the Bing Field, or by phone: 618-692-8271

The first game is scheduled to start at 9:00 am; gates will open at 7:30 am. No special uniform or special magazines required to play this event. The only requirement is that bio-degradable ammunition purchased from the BingShop or at the Bing Field be used.