Airsoft Night Game

Storming Area 51

5:00 pm September 14th – 7:00 am September 15th

First Airsoft night game at the new Bing Field!!! Bring your tents and arrive early to set up camp, this is going on all night! A barbecue meal will be provide with all entries. There will also be a large bonfire, for some perfect battlefield mood lighting!

Registration Fee – $30.00 (Includes Meal)

All players that preregister by 8:00 pm on September 13th will also be entered into the raffle.

Preregister Online:

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Story line: Two very wealthy gentlemen, one an ex-military conspiracy theorist and the other a weapons crazed entrepreneur, were searching for a new venture. When they caught wind of a recent epidemic flooding America they knew they had found their calling. A mass of citizens were planning to storm the Area Bing 51 facility in a psychotic attempt to expose the secrets of alien life on earth. They were so intrigued that they decided to fund this crazy idea and gathered as many followers as possible. After arming and training the rebel civilians, they began making plans to storm Area Bing 51.

Basic Requirements: Deadrag, Deadlight, 2 Ace bandages, watch, flashlight

What to wear: Civilians will go with civilian clothes and tac vest. Like long sleeve shirt and jeans. Area 51 Guards will wear military style gear.