Airsoft Operation – Battle of Monte Cassino

The Battle of Monte Cassino

Saturday October 15th, 2016

9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Story Line:The Battle of Monte Cassino was one of the most important battles of World War II. Monte Cassino effectively blocked the Allies route north to Rome and had to be taken. This formidable area of German and Italian defenses was part of the “Gustav Line” that effectively split Italy in two. The bloody series of four battles fought here would prove extremely costly for the Allies, but would also hasten the collapse of the Axis powers in Italy.

Special guest will be joining us for this battle! A group of World War II reenactors will be attending this event. They will be dressed in full World War II uniforms and will be bringing with them several authentic World War II jeeps, and an assortment of WWII weapons to display. Those weapons include an authentic belt fed M1919 Browning .30 machine gun mounted to one of the jeeps. This Browning uses a propane system for very realistic blank live firing. Players will get a chance to fire this weapon!

Registration Fee – $25.00

        All players that pre-register by October 14th at 9pm will receive following with their admission:

         – 1,000 Rounds of Ammo (choice of .20g, .25g, or .28g)
         – Entry into the Prize Raffle

Infantry man

Pre-register Online:

Players may also pre-register at the BingShop in Edwardsville, at the Bing Field, or by phone: 618-692-8271.

The first game is scheduled to start at 9:00 am; gates will open at 7:30 am. No special uniform or special magazines required to play this event. The only requirement is that bio-degradable ammunition purchased from the BingShop or at the Bing Field be used