Welcome to the Bing Field Paintball & Airsoft Park!

woodsOur park encompasses 35 sprawling acres 20 minutes northeast of St. Louis, Missouri in Edwardsville, Illinois. This includes 3 woods fields:

  • Frontier Field: 15 single and two story log cabins and a frontier fortress.
  • Vietnam Field: Two story guard tower, an artillery emplacement, several sand bag bunkers and two command posts.
  • World War II Field: 12 German and 8 American tanks and several earth and sand bag bunkers.

The other side of the park has 4 speed ball fields: Air Ball Field, Barrel Field, Concrete Field, and a enormous Spool Field.


The Bing Field’s rental equipment is of the highest caliber. Our guns are semi-automatic Tippmann 98 Platinum Series models all running on compressed air. Our rental masks all include two pane thermal lenses to prevent fogging. Chest and back protectors are also available upon request at no charge.

On site concessions are available but players are also welcome to bring their own food or drinks if they would like.

Paintball is an excellent outing for birthday parties, bachelor parties, family get-togethers, corporate events, and church groups.