Airsoft Big Game - Operation Break Point

Date: Sunday September 27th, 2020

Time: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Location: Bing Field Airsoft & Paintball Park

Cost: $25.00

All players that pre-register by 10:00 pm on September 26th will receive the following with their admission:

          – 1,000 rounds of .20g, .25g or .28g ammo
          – Entry into the Prize Raffle

Story Line: After years of attempting to stabilize Somali, the US has finally decided that they no longer see the benefit in keeping troops stationed in the country. While the US Special Forces Group was evacuating their base, the CIA hid a large cache of blood diamonds in one of the convoys. This convoy was subsequently attacked and the diamonds fell into pirate hands. These Pirates now possess all the wealth they need to be the new reigning warlords of country. It’s now up to the remaining US forces in the region, the clandestine CIA agents, and the current Somali government to do everything in their power to prevent the pirate takeover.

The first game is scheduled to start at 9:00am; gates will open at 7:30am. No special uniform or special magazines required to play this event. The only requirement is that bio-degradable ammunition purchased from the BingShop or at the Bing Field be used.