Flash Point Milsim - Rule Set



2. All players are highly encouraged to wear “full seal to the face” ANSI 787.1 rated eye protection. However, ANSI 787.1 rated eye protection that is FULL SEAL to the contour of YOUR face is also allowed.

3. All players must have a red “Dead Rag” minimum 50 square inches of material. One will be included with registration.

4. All weapons must be submitted for inspection to the safety officer. Each player will be asked to fire a minimum of 3 rounds across the chrono. Note that players may be asked to chronograph at any time during the day, including during play.

5. Players will be allowed to use only airsoft specific guns.  No “BB Guns” or BB guns converted to use airsoft BB’s or Metal BB’s will be allowed.

6. While in the staging area, pistols must be holstered. All other weapons must have the magazine removed and the chamber cleared with a barrel cover.

7. While in the staging/parking lot area, you may dry fire your weapon to ensure it is working properly. There is to be no live fire anywhere within the staging area other than the chronograph station.

8. All persons moving throughout the AO need to have a waiver on file; this includes observers, photographers, and any additional non-player personnel.

9. Players under the age of 14 must fill out a minor application and requires the participation of their guardian.

10. Players 15 years of age must have a guardian present during the event or fill out a transfer of guardianship to a player 18 years or old who will participate in-game with them.

11. Any rules violations will result in point deductions for your faction.

12. Event Staff may ask for your name when a War Crime is recorded, this information will not be made public, but will be used for tracking rules violations internally.

13. Safety violations will be assessed higher point penalties.

14. Violations involving POVs will incur the highest point penalties.

15. On the call of “blind man,” players need to immediately remove the magazine for their weapon, clear the chamber and set the weapon on safe. Stand in your location and do not move until the “all clear” and “game on” is given. Only at that time may you reload your weapon and continue play.

16. Use the “blind man” if you or another player is injured and requires immediate Admin/Medical attention. You will need to both vocally and via Comms make the “blind man” call with the approximate location of the incident.

17. If a player loses their eye protection during a firefight a “blind man” call is made. The player needs to cover their face with their hands and keep their head down until eye protection can be provided for them.



1.Authorized uniforms only unless announced otherwise. Failure to comply by the uniform requirements will result in ejection from the game.

2. Tops should be a BDU/Combat Shirt type uniform top. Bottoms must be pants.

3. Headgear color will be faction specific.  Camo or Solid colors are Authorized.

4. In the event of inclement weather, uniformity regulations are relaxed but all worn items must still be faction specific in regards to color.  OD Green for The Eastern Allegiance and Tan/Brown for The Western Coalition.

5.  Special uniforms may be authorized for specific role-playing groups outside of the typical uniforms but not for those playing under the conventional Eastern Allegiance/Western Coalition forces.

6. Gear color does not matter.  You can wear any color gear you wish.

7.Ghillie suit colors must match faction base colors.  Tan and Green.

8. Yellow shirts may only be worn by Bingfield Staff.  Photographers or observers may wear any high visibility color other than SOLID yellow.

9. Photographers/Observers must not look like combatants.  They may wear any type of clothing other than military type uniforms.


Platoon Leaders (PLs) are responsible to ensure their platoon follows the event rules, roles, ammo and reloading restrictions.  A platoon is defined as a team of 40 people.

  1. Six (6) Sniper/Spotter teams allowed per main faction. Two (2) per Platoon Max limit.
  2. Three (3) EOD specialists per main faction, these are the only players that can disarm/demo explosives.
  3. Five (5) Medics, HWS, per main faction platoon. (Some special teams will be exempt from this rule)
  4. Eight (8) SSW per platoon.
  5. Players may serve dual roles i.e. HWS but the limit must be observed.
  6. Game staff may assume any of these roles while embedded with a squad.
  7. Assault Weapons / Rifleman role may ONLY operate in SEMI-AUTO Mode.
  8. SEMI-AUTO is defined as one trigger pull per one round fired.
  9. 400 FPS max (1.52 J) for 6mm x .20 AEG weapons
  10. 320 FPS max (1.52 J ) 6mm x .32g for Gas weapons (Classics, PolarStars, GBBRs)
  11. 310 FPS max for 8mm weapons measured with .34 gram BBs
  12. Weapons using an external gas source must have a locked regulator to prevent field adjustment.
  13. May carry 7 magazines on your person.
  14. Mid or Real Cap Magazines only.
  15. No Minimum Engagement Distance.
  16. 500 FPS max @ 6mm x .20g, 400 fps max @ 8mm x .34g. MUST BE BOLT ACTION ONLY
  17. Bolt actions have a minimum Engagement Distance of 100 feet
  18. Weapons using an external gas source must have a locked regulator to prevent field adjustment.
  19. No Highcap/winding magazines


A squad support weapon is classified as an M249, M60, MG36, RPK, PKM, MG42, Krytac LMG/Shrike or any “Squad Automatic Weapon” either currently or formerly adopted as a military weapon. (M27 / IAR are NOT ALLOWED to be fielded as a SSW at this time.)

  1. Squad Support Weapons (SSW) MAY operate in FULL-AUTO Mode but  NOT shoot in excess of 30 round per second.
  2. 450 fps max @ 6mm x .20g for AEG/GBBR
  3. 355 FPS max(1.88 J) w/ .32g for 6mm High Pressure Gas Weapons (Classics, PolarStars).
  4. Weapons using an external gas source must have a locked regulator to prevent field adjustment.
  5. Operators of a SSW are required to carry either a standard AEG or sidearm to engage targets within the minimum engagement distances.
  6. SSWs must break the plane of a building on lower floors when shooting out of a building.  You do not have to break the plane when shooting from upper floors.
  7. SSWs may use winding “High Cap” type magazines with no more than 3000 rounds in magazines.
  8. SSWs have a Minimum Engagement Distance of 60 feet.

10.SSW’s may not be used in engagements from inside to inside (within a building)

A Heavy Weapon Specialist (HWS) is any Grenadier or Rocket (Simulated) carrying player.  They may carry M-203 GL, M-320 GL, M-79 GL, GP-25 GL, M-136 AT4, M-72 LAW, RPG-7, Mortar or Arty Piece.

  1. May carry 12 Nerf/Foam Rockets on their person.
  2. May carry 12 Propellant/Bee Hive rounds on their person.
  3. HWS is the only player class who can carry Grenade Rounds and Rockets.
  4. Limit one per platoon.
  5. Bee Hive rounds may only be re-loaded at Spawn Point.
  6. Additional Rounds/Rockets may be left at FOB.
  7. Any soft tipped rockets are allowed.
  8. Please see Explosive Devices/IED/Smoke section for approved pyro grenades.




  1. Players are allowed to “safety” or “Tap out” another player with rubber-edged weapons.
  2. When a player is touched/tapped with the rubber-edged weapon they are considered “hit”.
  3. The player that has been “killed” by a rubber-edged weapon cannot yell “hit” or “medic” – they are mortally wounded.
  4. Bingfield only allows approved purpose made rubber training edged weapons.
  5. No modified “real edged” weapons are allowed.



  1. All players classified as a “Rifleman/Sniper” may carry a maximum of 7 midcap (non winding) magazines.
  2. All Players classified as a “SSW” (Support Gunner) may have a maximum of 3000 rounds loaded in their drum mag at any given time. They may carry one extra drum Magazine, not to total more than 3000 carried in all magazines.
  3. All Players classified as an “HWS” may have a maximum of 12 rockets and 12 203 Shells
  4. Players may carry as many secondary magazines as they wish (i.e. Pistol)
  5. Players may carry up to 6 in Total Frags (Thunder B / Impact / Misc. Frag Grenades)
  6. Players may carry on them any amount of BBs they chose.
  7. Players may ONLY RELOAD at a MRP or FOB. Players CANNOT reload in the field during play.


  1. High capacity magazines (HICAP), AKA Clockwork Magazines are only authorized to be used in SSWs.
  2. Drum/Box/C-Mags are only authorized to be used in SSWs.
  3. Rifleman/Sniper are allowed 7 midcap (non winding) magazines.



  1. Grenades must simply detonate within 20 feet to eliminate a player. Grenade BB strikes are no longer required.
  2. All player grenades must be thrown underarm, this is to prevent injury.
  3. Any Pneumatic/Gas grenades that require CO2 or Green Gas/Propane are allowed.
  4. Foam / Nerf rockets are only effective on vehicles.
  5. Rockets fired by a HWS will have a 20ft kill radius from where they detonate.
  6. Rockets fired by a HWS are only effective on structures if they hit INSIDE the structure itself.
  7. Rockets fired by a HWS effectively disable all Vehicles but does not kill its occupants unless impacted inside the cab.
  8. Ricochets from player thrown grenades are treated as fragmentation and will count as a hit.
  9. Thunder B’s will be counted as a “grenade” with a lethal kill radius of 20 feet (must detonate).
  10. Smoke may not be used inside of buildings.

13.Flares may only be used by staff.

14.No blank firing devices.


This section is based on our experiences with pyro devices.  If you have a device that you would like approved, BingField staff needs to physically see the device perform in order to approve it.  Please contact BingField to arrange this.


  1. TLSFX Pea grenades
  2. TLSFX Thermobaric grenades
  3. TLSFX Thunderflash grenades
  4. TAG R2BS Grenades
  5. TAG Archangles, Reapers
  6. Enola Gaye Flash Grenade



  1. Players will need Eye Pro with “CLEAR” lenses for all Low/No Light operations, Full sealing ANSI rated still applies.
  2. Players will need to have a flashlight on their person for safety.
  3. Players must have a Red stick or Chem light to single they have been hit.
  4. Use of Night Vision, Thermal or other types of NOD is allowed
  5. All players are encouraged to operate “in pairs” during Low/No light operations.
  6. Any laser system must be “Eye-Safe.”
  7. Players are never to aim any laser system directly at the eyes of another player.
  8. Players are never to aim any laser system at any flying aircraft.


  1. Ballistic shields are not allowed
  2. Riot shields are not allowed.


  1. Sportsmanship is expected! Please call YOUR OWN hits!  DO NOT BOTHER TO CALL ANOTHER PLAYERS HITS – MIND YOUR OWN HITS!


  1. Not calling your hits is cheating and will not be tolerated, period.  If you suspect a player is not calling their hits, do not take matters into your own hands. Please bring this to the attention of your SQL and the event staff; use the chain of command.


  1. Dead players do not talk! Dead players may only talk quietly to other dead players. Dead players do not shoot their guns; doing so immediately makes you a live target. Dead players do not improve their position or indicate other players’ positions while dead.


  1. Electronic warfare: jamming or listening in the opposition’s radio frequency is strictly prohibited (unless cleared by the administration).


  1. Covertly monitoring, through espionage or misrepresentation, of opposition force planning to include briefings and electronic mediums is not in the spirit of the game, and is prohibited.


  1. Blind fire: Shooting around corners and not being able to see where your BBs are going is not allowed.  Devices that allow you to shoot around corners, such as weapon mounted cameras and mirrors are not permitted.


  1. Airsoft is about HONOR; failure to play in an honorable manner will result in expulsion from the event. There will be no bullying, roughhousing, foul language (used in malice), or physical/mental intimidation anywhere at anytime at an American Milsim event. Failure to follow these rules will result in expulsion from the event and AO.  No refunds will be given.


  1. Captured or killed players may be searched by an enemy player.
  2. To initiate a search, the enemy player puts his hand on the dead or captured player and will say “I am searching you.”  At that moment, the dead or captured player must relinquish any intel items they have in their possession at the time of the search (intel, kill card, etc.)
  3. Players in possession of more than one “kill card” only have to relinquish one card per search/per death.
  4. Players cannot be searched after they have bled out and moving to re-spawn.


  1. To earn another player’s “Kill Trophy”, they must be searched within their bleed out time period.
  2. You can’t take a Trophy Kill bracelet from a player heading back to respawn or at a MRP.
  3. Players only have to relinquish one Trophy Kill per death.


  1. A BB that strikes a player is counted as a hit.  This includes anything worn by the player including backpacks.
  2. Gun hits do not count as a player hit.


  1. Each platoon will be assigned 5 medics. (Subject to change with various Teams and Squads)
  2. A medic will treat a fellow player by going up to that player and bandaging the area where the player was hit
  3. A player may only be bandaged TWICE.
  4. Medics CAN NOT re-use bandages from “dead” players.
  5. A medic may not treat himself; only another medic can give them aid.
  6. Wounded players may be physically dragged, carried, lifted, etc., to a medic by any means that is NOT UNDER THEIR OWN POWER.
  7. Wounded players are NON AMBULATORY.
  8. All Players must have an IFAK on their person that contains TWO (2) ace-type bandages for the medic to treat them with. CAT or SOFT-T tourniquets are not acceptable.
  9. Medics must WRAP the bandages around the player’s arm, they are NOT allowed to TIE or have pre-made loops in which to tie the bandage onto a player.
  10. Bandages must be a MINIMUM of 4 ft (48in) in length each.
  11. Medics may be changed within the squad while at the FOB or between evolutions, but not while active on the AO.
  12. Platoon Leaders may also treat wounded players in the same way that a Medic would.
  13. By sitting, a player is consenting to be dragged.  If you do not wish to not be dragged, you need to verbally communicate that to your squadmate.


  1. When a player is hit, they may vocally or via radio, call for a medic that will attempt to revive them.
  2. Once a player is hit, they must sit or kneel down.  A medic has five minutes to reach them in order to treat a wounded player before they “bleed out”.
  3. Once a player has “bled out”, they must then re-spawn at their nearest MRP or FOB.
  4. Players spawning at their FOB do not need to wait to re-enter the game.
  5. Players spawning at a MRP must wait 5 minutes before re-entering the game.


Certain Bingfield events will employ UAVs / UAG(s) by staff. All Bing events allow the use of private UAV / UAG(s).

  1. UAV / UAG(s) can be used as a means for forces to “recon the battlefield” gathering enemy troop movement and strength.
  2. UAV / UAG(s) will be used by the Bingfield staff to gather footage for promotion.
  3. All private UAV / UAG(s) MUST be approved by Bingfield staff PRIOR TO DEPLOYMENT.
  4. Bingfield does not allow gas powered Arial UAVs.
  5. Players may at no time, shoot at or around UAV / UAG(s) while in flight or on the ground.