Safety Eye Wear

Paintball Eye Protection

A mask specifically designed for paintball play is required to be worn on our playing fields at all time. The mask needs to cover your eyes, ears, nose, and mouth, and lenses need to be free of any cracks.

Masks can be rented at our field. All of our rental mask feature dual pane thermal lenses. While no lens is 100% fog proof, thermal lenses provide the best resistance to fogging.

Airsoft Eye & Face Protection

Sealed safety goggles meeting ASTM paintball standards are required for airsoft play. These goggles need only cover the players eyes. For players younger than 18, all exposed skin on the face needs to be covered also. This can be accomplished using a full face paintball goggle, low mesh mask, or even a shemagh or balaclava.

The Bing Field’s paintball rental mask can be used for airsoft play, or we have a wide variety of airsoft goggles, mesh low face mask, and shemaghs available for purchase in our onsite store.